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forest fairy

Hi there, I'm Gaby. A nature-loving, gratitude-preaching, ever-evolving student of life who has come to realize the infinite potential we each have in this life, and who has finally decided she is done playing small! With each passing day, I continue to learn tools for living a purposeful life and am feeling called to share this guidance with anyone who wants to live in alignment with their own purpose.

After many cycles of feeling called to put something out into the Universe and letting my own self-doubts hold me back, I've learned that it doesn't serve me or anyone else to downplay the passion to want to spread love and empowerment. As a result of choosing to put myself first, I've come to realize the non-negotiable practices that I require in order to feel inspired, motivated and observant of the limiting stories floating within and around us.

For me, these practices include maintaining a consistent yoga and meditation routine, practicing mindful journaling, nourishing my body with high-vibrational food, incorporating movement into my every day, grounding in nature, connecting with a community of empowering individuals, and dedicating necessary alone time to restore and reflect on my state of being.

The more I dedicate myself to these practices, the louder my intuition has become, and after a year of doing the work and recognizing my worthiness to live a life I desire, I worked up the confidence and courage to launch this website and coaching program. After getting clear on my purpose, it became clear to me that I have something of value to offer the world, and all we have is the present moment, so launch now!

For the most part, when I'm not diving into a new mind-expanding tool to implement into my daily practice, I'm either grounding in nature, trying out a new recipe or restaurant, or connecting with other wonderful humans. At the end of the day, I love coming home to my own scared space where I can reflect and restore my energy. 

Come back soon, the story is still unfolding. 

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