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When you make your workspace something that you enjoy coming to everyday, it makes the task at hand much more enjoyable. I suggest you set up your space in a way that appeals to all of your senses and is free of unnecessary clutter. For instance, I like to have beautiful adornments like crystals and inspirational images to look at when I need to a break from the screen. Otherwise, I make sure to clear my desk of any random belongings that don't have to do with the work I am trying to get done that day. When it comes to smells, I like to burn candles or white sage before I sit down to work which instantly sparks joy in me and helps me relax into my flow. If you're someone who likes to work with music or sound in the background like me, I'd love to suggest my go-to Spotify playlist; "Productive Morning." It's made up of a range of instrumental tunes of various genres that keep my mind alert without the distraction of lyrics. Another great option would be to play some ambient music like rainforest sounds or ocean waves, especially if the work you're doing is creative and self-expressive. So we've covered sights, smells, and let's talk touch.

Now I don't know about you, but I have a soft and cozy kitten that loves to take over my workspace as soon as I sit down at my desk. I'd love to say that she is always this quiet and out of the way while I'm working, but in reality, she's usually strutting her stuff (literally) in between me and the laptop trying to get me to pet her, or nonchalantly laying right on my keyboard as if my hands aren't clearly typing on it. Still, how can I be mad at such a sweet little babe? If you don't have a fur baby of your own to pet or caress every now and again, I suggest having something that makes you feel cozy like a warm blanket draped over your chair, a comfy sweater or even a stress-ball that you like to squeeze when you have a mind-block and need a distraction.

I'm a sucker for a tasty drink or snack while I'm working; my go-to is usually a matcha latte with almond milk, and a little bowl of mixed nuts and dried fruits. When it comes to drinks, I usually like to take a few moments in the kitchen in the morning and tune into what my body is feeling that day, whether it's a warm cup of coffee or tea, a pressed juice, or some kombucha. I'll play some music and prepare my drink mindfully and with a sense of gratitude before I begin my workday. ​ It has become a meditative initiation for me to prepare for my day. 

Once you have all of your senses tended to and your workspace adorned to your liking, it is time to sit down and make a game-plan for the day. This is when I like to open up my bullet journal and go over the tasks on my to-do list for the week. I'll choose 3-4 tasks that I believe can be done in the matter of 5-7 hours depending on how much time I have that day and I'll add them to my daily to-do list. I'll read over this list while taking some deep breaths and will take a brief moment to give thanks that I get to do these things. Rather than letting my monkey-brain begin to flood with thoughts of overwhelm or stress, I take a mindful moment to remember why I do what I do. I set an intention to accomplish my tasks because they align with my purpose, and that sets me up for a productive work day fueled by intrinsic motivation. 

Drop a comment down below of some ways you like to adorn your workspace. I'd love to make this blog post a collaborative space for us to share ideas and inspire one another to align all of our actions with our purpose. ​

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