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I am a firm believer in creating a living environment that is free of clutter and fosters joy, creativity, and inspiration. If you work from home like me, this is even more important for your productivity and mental clarity. I know for me, home has become my favorite place to spend time, and as I prepare for my move to Spain in the next month, I am committed to savoring every last minute I have in this space, and with my furry sweetheart of a roommate, Luna.


When it comes to creating an environment that is conducive to your inspiration and creativity, one woman has found the key! In her book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up," Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo introduces the  KonMari Method to spark joy in any space.  According to her method, you are invited to go through your belongings one-by-one, holding each item in your hand, and observing if it sparks joy in your heart. If it does, great! Find a space to display it where you will see it every day, and if not, thank it for what it has brought to your life, and let it go. This also goes for clothing and non-sentimental items like those in your kitchen, garage, bathroom, etc. 

Growing up, my parents raised my brother and I to always keep our rooms clean and free of clutter; so leaving clothes on the ground, dirty dishes in our room, or any other clutter lying around didn't fly in our house. In hindsight, I'm so grateful for that because without recognizing the influence it made on my mental state, I learned from a young age how to create a living environment that is conducive to my joy, productivity and overall well-being. Of course, not every day is perfect, after all I'm human and some days are busier than others. But my dedication to keeping my space looking clean, feeling cozy and sparking joy has made a major impact in my life. 


  • PLANTS! I can't recommend this enough. Plants add life to your space, literally! Not only do they purify the air in your home, they add such a wonderful feel to any room. I love getting to see my plants growing new leaves, and caring for them when they aren't doing so well. It teaches you a little responsibility because you have to remember to water them according to their needs, and experiment with sunlight exposure when they don't seem to be loving the spot they're in. If you receive flowers from a special someone, or buy them for yourself, I invite you to display them in a vase somewhere in your space where you will see it every day and be reminded of how loved you are! Don't forget that self-love is the most precious and impactful love there is. 

  • Crystals, Himalayan Salt Rocks, and Other Natural Elements. Similar to plants, these wonderful adornments come from the Earth and therefore carry an energetic frequency that add an element of life to your space. Not only are they beautiful to admire and hold, but if you choose to welcome it, they will transfer energetic vibrations into your body that with intention, can be used to inspire creativity, open your third-eye for enhanced intuition, and much more.

  • Artwork, Photographs, and Posters. Whether it's a photo of a treasured memory, a piece of art you created yourself, bought at your favorite local shop, or were gifted, the best way to honor the magic in the visual creation is by displaying it on your walls to be enjoyed and appreciated daily. I love looking at the funky metallic owl art piece above my bed that I traded a hat for at a local music festival back in college. Every time I look at it, I remember the amount of love that flowed through the campgrounds as we all danced, laughed and enjoyed each others' company. 

  • Books, Magazines, and Journals.  These literary works of art are fantastic sources of joy and inspiration to display in your space. Is there a book or magazine that you've been wanting to read and haven't gotten around to starting? Perhaps it's stashed in your bookshelf, blending in with the rest. I invite you to take it out and display it on your bedside table or desk, along with a crystal or other sightly adornment to inspire you to pick it up next time you have a free moment. This goes for journals as well! If you've been saying you want to journal more, but never seem to find the time to sit and write, consider buying or making a journal that is pleasing to your eye, and sparks joy in your heart, and display it like you would the book. Whenever you have 5-10 minutes to spare, open it up and allow yourself to free-write whatever comes to mind. It doesn't have to look a certain way, no one is going to read it. This is for you, allow yourself to get into the flow and before you know it, you'll find yourself craving the feeling of coming to your journal each day.

  • Other Miscellaneous Items like Candles, Essential Oils, Lotions, Hats, Jewelry, Oracle Cards, etc. The opportunities are endless!

Before you go out and start shopping for new things to fill your space, I invite you to go through your belongings, and use the Konmari Method to discover what you can put on display, and what might be better served donated to someone else. 

​I hope this post has inspired you to put a little more thought into your living space and create an environment that sparks joy in your heart to foster love, creativity, and gratitude for your life. Drop a  comment down below and share some of your favorite ways to spark joy in your space.

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